We pride ourselves in our reputation in the community.

What my husband and I really love about Smart Kids’ is how they invest into the children’s academic and social development. My son was very shy and I’ve seen him blossom over the years. He has absolutely come out of his shell.

• Parent

This is not just a daycare, it’s not a place where you go drop your kids off in a room for hours. This is a place where they learn. My daughter is picking up more words in the last few weeks then I’ve ever seen before.

• Parent

My children use to be in an in-home daycare, so this was a big adjustment for them. Its been phenomenal. We’ve seen some great development and growth especially when it comes to learning.

• Parent

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial

A video is worth a thousand testimonials. Here what some of our Smart Kids’ Family have to say.